What is Foodwatch?
Foodwatch is a cutting-edge predictive digital platform, developed for Dubai Municipality, that endeavours to achieve food safety and better nutrition through collection, analysis and use of real time information about the origin, shelf life, nutritional value and ingredients of food items, and, to provide food related services through various applications. It endeavours to register everyone connected to the food industry in Dubai.
Who manages Foodwatch?
Foodwatch has been developed for Dubai Municipality in line with its vision of making Dubai the healthiest, the happiest and the most sustainable city in the world. Foodwatch is managed by a multi-disciplinary team comprising of officials from Food Safety and Information Technology departments of Dubai Municipality. Science Tribune Software House LLC has been authorised by Dubai Municipality to collect, host, analyze and secure data generated by Foodwatch.
What is the Foodwatch Network?
Foodwatch facilitates interaction between government authorities, restaurants, food service providers and consumers allowing digital collection, monitoring and analysis of food data to confirm the ingredients and nutritional value of food items scanned into the system. It also allows businesses to generate smart contracts, apply for food permits, get food certification and gain predictive insights into food items, and, consumers to get upto date food related information to be able to make healthy food choices. The network facilitates trust among various stakeholders within the food industry and streamlines the food inspection process. It also reduces food wastage, improves food delivery, allows digital recordkeeping and decreases industry transaction costs.
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What will be the digital identity of Foodwatch users?
All organizations and individuals either associated with Foodwatch or using the Platform including food safety officials, food handlers, consultants, trainers and auditors shall be assigned a unique, safe and secure digital identity.
What is the food safety mandate of Foodwatch?
Foodwatch shall serve as an interface to connect the stakeholders through digital technology to help verify various food items across the food industry in Dubai. It shall affect every aspect of food safety and enable the stakeholders to identify and manage food safety risks quickly and precisely.
How will Foodwatch reduce paperwork?
Foodwatch platform shall make the process of food safety management paperless thereby reducing cost and time for both industry and government. It shall generate trust around digital, permanent and auditable records for the food industry. Documents related to supplier verification and certification, product and process information, training, temperature monitoring, pest monitoring, cleaning, disinfecting, etc. shall be digitized. Traditional documents relating to approvals and permits which may easily be tampered with or could be lost shall be replaced with 'Smart Permits' (inspired by smart contracts) generated through the Platform.
How Foodwatch will facilitate data driven decisions?
Foodwatch will facilitate information exchange within the Food Industry in Dubai and allow its users to share food data and connect with other similar digital platforms worldwide. It shall also enable Dubai Municipality and various businesses associated with the food industry in Dubai to make data-driven strategies and decisions. Rules and algorithms built within Foodwatch shall quickly validate food related information to provide instant decisions and generate Smart Permits. The platform shall also improve the services offered by the Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department.
How Foodwatch will improve end-to-end traceability of food products?
Foodwatch will make it possible to quickly trace food products to their source of origin to confirm authenticity and safety. By generating digital records and by connecting food producers, processors, distributors, suppliers, retailers and government regulators Foodwatch shall enhance visibility and accountability throughout the food supply chain in Dubai.

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